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Tarikh Daulat e Usmania Complete By Dr. Muhammad Uzair

Tarikh Daulat e Usmania Complete

Tarikh Daulat e Usmania Complete

Download  Tareekh e Saltanat e Usmania History Urdu Book Free Download Get free PDF copy Islamic history in Urdu the complete detail history of Ottoman Empire also known as the Turkish Empire, Ottoman Turkey, and Detailed Information Tareekh e Islam.


Download Vol 1 and Vol 2 book title Dolat-e-Usmani (Turk sultanate) Jald-1 and Jald 2 (part 1 and 2) complete authored by Doctor Muhammad Ozair PHD. This book detail of the Khilafat Osmania and Republic of Turkey (Jamuria Turkia) or History of Turkey. Deals with rising and fall of Ottoman Empire 1288 AD – 1808 AD, 1808 AD to 1919 AD and its great achievements.

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