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Minar e Pakistan Information Book by Nazeer Ahmed


Minar e Pakistan Information Book

Minar e Pakistan studies written by M. Nazeer Ahmed download or read the online history of Minar e Pakistan Studies Urdu book. Minar e Pakistan Lahore is an open landmark situated in, adjoining the Walled City of Lahore, in the Pakistani Punjab province. The tower was developed amid the 1960s site where the All India Muslim League Party passed the Lahore Resolution Qarardad e Pakistan on 23 March 1940, the primary authority requires a different and free country for the Muslims of British India, as embraced by the two-country hypothesis. Read Pakistan History and complete details of Qayam e Pakistan. and read about Muslim as a nation and real difference between Muslim Hindu nation and culture.This book published by Globe Publisher Urdu Bazar Lahore total seven chapters in this ebook.



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