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Hazarat Ali Ke Faisle by Allama Masood Qadri


Hazarat Ali Ke Faisle

download PDF format Islamic Historical Urdu free book Seerat e Sahaba Hazrat Ali Mortaza (R.A) Ke Faisle composed by Allama Muhammad Masood Qadri distribute by Akbar Book Seller Lahore Pakistan.Hazrat Ali Mortaza (R.A) was the 4th Caliph of Islam. His name was Ali Abul Hasan and his titles incorporate “Haidar” and “Baabul Ilam” (Gate of Knowledge). He was conceived in the Holy City of Makka around 30 years after the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Read The memorials and big decisions of Islamic Khalifa Hazrat Ali Murtaza Razi Allah Hanu in Urdu national language. And also read life history biography of Imam Khalifa Hazrat Ali Karmulah Wajhu. This is a bestselling Islamic book in Urdu about most important and life-changing historical decisions, I hope you like this book and share with family and friends and leave your comments in the comments section,



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